Our Expertise

Public Relations and Consultancy

Over two decades of media relations with Thailand's leading newspapers, magazines, televisions, radios, online PR and online news media makes On 3 Communication a highly dependable agency to publicise news in Thailand.

Our public relations fields of expertise resides in fast food chains, mobile telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, commercial airlines, travel and tourism, educational institutions, private and public exhibitions, natural cosmetics, sports and others.

Our current clients include Qantas, Spain Tourism Board and Holiday Tour & Travel (the Trafalgar GSA in Thailand).

Integrated Marketing Communication Audit and Consultancy

Marketing communication is a mixed of advertising, public relations, direct marketing, sales promotion and personal selling.

Traditionally marketing communication is channeled through televisions, radios, movie cinemas, billboards, newspapers and magazines, events, exhibitions, direct marketing, etc. Recently marketing communication has found its way in the online media -- in the millions of emails, websites, blogs, social media and the likes.

On 3 Communication offers its expertise in these areas.

Exhibitor Promotion and Consultancy

Few can surpass our exhibition marketing and management experience in Thailand. This division is led by a veteran who has managed the marketing communication and branding of over 14 trade and consumer exhibitions in the span of over 21 years.

We offer full cycle exhibitor promotion ranging from visitor promotion, exhibitor promotion and direct visitor/exhibitor services to event management, sales kit production, personal selling consultancy and road shows.

Our exhibition expertise covers metalworking, general machinery, pumps and valves, environmental technology for industry, renewable and alternative power generation, food and packaging technology, natural food and cosmetics products and others.

B2B Branding

We can define brand in one word -- promise. Business customers buy the 'promise' offered to them and they evaluate it when they use the 'promise' of the products and services.

While B2B branding and B2C branding share similarities, they, actually have more unique features that set them apart.