Mr. Terumasa Akio (4rd left), Chairman of EDF International and Mr. Sunphet Nilrat  (3rd left), Managing Director of EDF Thailand & Vice Chairman of EDF International, are seen with EDF Thailand executives, including Mr. Thunyakorn Rattanaprasit (far left); Fund Raising Director, Mrs. Pavana Poolsawat (2nd left); Administration Director, and Ms. Jaruwat Boossamalee (2nd right); Project Development Director. Also included in the photo is Mr. Hiroshi Oshima (far right); Advisor to the President of EDF International during the launch of Education for All 2020 aimed at helping all less fortunate children to be educated within 2020 at Rama Gardens Hotel.

EDF International launches ‘Education for All 2020’ strategy

November 25, 2014 at 8:10 AM

In line with its goal of providing education to all less fortunate children by 2020, the Education for Development Foundation International (EDF International) has kicked off its strategy to streamline all EDF branches in seven different countries along its main goal and mission.

Its seven offices comprise EDF Thailand, EDF Japan, EDF Vietnam, EDF Cambodia, EDF Myanmar, EDF Laos and EDF America.

Mr. Terumasa Akio, Chairman of EDF International said, “We believe that education is the key to changing the world. Education is the only solution for the less fortunate children to prepare themselves for a better future. That is why we have committed ourselves into providing them with education by the year 2020.”

 “Presently, information technology is part of our daily lives. No matter where you are, it is able to connect you with one another. This is a key strong point especially since Thailand is the role model and centre of EDF’s IT operation. We wish EDF in other countries to follow its example. Teachers or less fortunate students anywhere can now apply for scholarships online on EDF portal for further consideration.

“The success of this strategy will not only depend on EDF Foundation located in seven countries but will need to rely on many people as well as many organisations as possible. Our organisation is a mere pin drop compared to the population of needy children around the world. Hopefully our passion for our mission will contribute to accomplishing our goals,” Mr Akio further said.  

Mr. Sunphet Nilrat, Managing Director of EDF Thailand & Vice Chairman of EDF International, said “The EDF Foundation always believes that education is a tool to help people improve their quality of life. EDF Thailand was established in 1987. So far we have provided over 321,273 scholarships valued at more than 500,609,000 baht to less fortunate children in some 46 provinces around Thailand. We also work with many organisations to develop and implement CSR projects. So far we have supported over 200 projects offering benefits to over 100,000 people in provincial areas.”

Mr. Akio added “Children can’t choose the conditions of their birth but society can extend a helping hand to help them secure equal opportunities in life. Education is very important to children. Any organisation is welcome to help, which can serve as good model for others.”