Outbound Thai tourists rise on stronger baht

May 23, 2013 at 12:42 AM


Thai travel agent Holiday Tours & Travel sold 90% more overseas tour packages to Thai travellers in the first quarter of 2013, a peak season, compared with the same period in 2012 on stronger baht and effective promotions.

exchange_rates_13-08.jpg“Many of our customers who had travelled overseas when the baht was hovering at around 33.5 to one US dollar find the current rates irresistible have opted for another trip overseas,” said Ms Wanida Hongsunirandon, Travel Manager, Holiday Tours & Travel (Thailand) Ltd and the Thai GSA (General Sales Agent) of Trafalgar.

“With a robust Asian economy and currencies versus a weakened Euro and the British pound, the buying power for Europe is stronger than ever. As a result, bookings have doubled compared to the same period last year, putting Asia on a commanding lead of 45% growth within the region.’ said Mr Nicholas Lim, Trafalgar Asia’s Regional Director.

“Meanwhile those whose travel plans had been held up by unfavourable exchange rates now consider the new rates acceptable and decided it was time to travel overseas, she said.

“Taking 2008 as a base year, the current Thai baht exchange rate against the US dollar is an improvement of about 10%, 19% against the Euro and 24% over the British Pound Sterling,” she said.

“In Europe England, France and Italy were the top three European destinations. Other favourites included Germany, Spain, Austria, Hungary, countries of Scandinavia, and the Netherlands,” Wanida said.

Wanida was confident the first quarter sales boost put her company on track to achieving the 25% growth target by Trafalgar for 2013.

Holiday Tours & Travels and other Trafalgar’s travel agent partners have been successfully using their exclusive ‘Insider Experiences’ combined with market-leading Early Payment Discounts and other special offers to close more high commission guided vacations sales.

“Asia, as a short haul route, was still the top destination, followed by Europe and the Americas,” Wanida said.

She added Thailand’s outbound tour market offered more growth potentials and should become a major contributor to Trafalgar’s Asian travel portfolio in which Singapore (40%), Malaysia (25%) and the Philippines (25%) are the current major contributors.

“I would like to invite travellers from Thailand to explore the world with the five consecutive years Best International Tour Operator Trafalgar Tours. There are more than 200 special tour packages offered. More details on Trafalgar tours customers can visit www.trafalgar.com or contact our office at 02 236 2800,” Ms Wanida concluded.

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