Trafalgar’s holiday bookings from Asia up by 25%

April 03, 2013 at 1:57 AM

Trafalgar’s unique holiday and travel experience inclusions such as ‘Be My Guest’, ‘Local Insights, ‘Exclusive hidden treasures’ and many more, have turned out to be very attractive in Asia, as the  number of travellers booking with Trafalgar increased by 25%  during 2011 to 2012.

“In Thailand, inviting someone to your home is an indication of closeness, trust and confidence. To experience similar hospitality from overseas, as in Europe, imparts on Asian visitors a special feeling of being welcomed with open arms.  Asian visitors feel at ease," says Ms Wanida Hongsunirandon, Holiday Tours & Travel (Thailand) Ltd Travel Manager, the Thai GSA (General Sales Agent) of Trafalgar.

Trafalgar’s motto of “‘See the world from the Inside’ rings true whereby guests venture deep into the hearts of the cities and countries that they visit, and Trafalgar utilises local individuals as Travel Directors, who often have grown up within that country, speak the local language and know all about the culture and history of the area, explains Mr Nicholas.

Mr Nicholas added: “Trafalgar’s various travel destinations offer unique attractions which travellers will have a hard time reaching, let alone know they exist. However, through our ‘Exclusive hidden treasures’ our Travel Director’s intimate knowledge of Europe and other destinations will guide travellers directly to these hidden wonders.”

To expand Trafalgar’s market share in Thailand, Holiday Tours & Travel recently joined the 12th International Travel Fair organised by the Thai Travel Agents Association at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center to promote tour packages to Europe, North America, South America, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia.

“Trafalgar also organised recently a special familiarisation trip for its GSA from Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, the Philippines and Holiday Tours & Travel (Thailand) Ltd, as well as each country top-sales travel agents to visit Paris, Lyon, Nice and Milan,” Mr Nicholas concluded.

Editor’s note:

Trafalgar has been offering a wide range of coach packages for 66 years to Europe, North America, South America, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. Interested travellers can contact Holiday Tours & Travel, Trafalgar GSA in Thailand at 02 236 2800 or their preferred travel agents. For more details visit



Mr Nicholas Lim (third from left), regional director of Trafalgar Tours Ltd based in Singapore and Ms Wanida Hongsunirandon (third from right), Holiday Tours & Travel (Thailand) Ltd Travel Manager, Thai GSA (General Sales Agent) of Trafalgar are seen with some of Holiday Tours & Travel team members.

Singapore accounts for the biggest share of travellers with 40%, Malaysia takes 25%, Philippines contributes 25% and the rest of Asia accounting for the remaining 10%.

“I would like Asia to be in the top 3 contributing regions around the world in the next 5 years, and expects each of our GSA (General Sales Agent) to grow by 25% in their first year, as a small base to start,” says Mr Nicholas Lim, regional director of Trafalgar Tours Ltd based in Singapore.

With 66 years of operation Trafalgar prides itself on delivering unique authentic experiences for all travellers especially with its insider inclusions such as ‘Be My Guest’, ‘Exclusive hidden treasures’, and its motto ‘See the World from the Inside.

“Our unique travel offering under ‘Be My Guest’ is an experience whereby guests are invited into homes of local families, whether it be a chateau, vineyard or farmhouse, where the family cooks a meal for guests and indulge them in conversations about the local culture,” explains Mr Nicholas.

‘Be My Guest’ stand well especially  in Asia, where the traditional hospitality of inviting friends, as well as visitors, to one’s home is still highly valued, according to Mr Nicholas.